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It all began at Pause...

After opening their first Pause...Kava Bar location in 2019, it wasn't long before mother-daughter-duo Kelly McCormick & Chloe Hill met Keith Franco. They offered him pizza. He said he was vegan. 

Shortly thereafter, Chloe and Keith started dating and much to Kelly's disappointment at the time, Chloe became vegan too. Little did she know... in a few short years they would all go into business together! 

Keith showed them how delicious and sustainable vegan options can be, and eventually convinced Kelly to turn her kava bar approximately 99% vegan by supplying lite bites through his company, Vegan Snack Daddy LLC. With an overwhelmingly positive response from vegans and omnivores alike, we decided to focus on a new business venture which brings us to Pause...itively Vegan! 

Our mission: 

To provide delicious, cruelty free vegan meals to guests from all walks of life.  

To encourage kindness and compassion for all living things.

To foster growth and education between our four walls and beyond.

And finally, to give back to our community. 

Check out our other family owned businesses below:

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